How to use a traveler's notebook: "To Read" list

Ainsley Wing

"So many tea mugs." My husband grumbled as he clinked by toting a week's worth of empty tea cups. He had collected them from the workshop, the bedroom, and the den... I love tea. I also love to sit and drink tea while reading. I also love to keep piles of books everywhere that I might want to sit and sip. Books and tea are weaknesses of mine. Also good bourbon. But that's another story. At risk of sounding like a messy tea drinking alcoholic, I'll stop here, and get to my point. Use your traveler's notebook to record your "to read" list.

Do you ever find yourself skimming over Barack Obama's "Summer Reading List" and think "well hey, if Obama's in to it..." then neglect to write down the title, and subsequently forget to read a book that could very well have changed your life? Well don't let that happen again. Write that shit down. Record the list of books that you happen across that you don't yet have the time (or money) to buy. 

If reading is not your thing, use the notebook to list other "to ____" things.

"Artists to listen to"
"Subjects to write about"
"To draw/sketch/paint"
"To photograph"
"To cook"
"Tea to try"
"Bourbon/beer/wine to try"
"To travel to"
"To write a letter to"
"Tools to buy"
And let's not dismiss the unwavering classic - "TO DO".

Keeping the lists handy in your TN will free up some memory bandwidth, and simultaneously keep you from missing out on the sometimes life changing books that you will now not forget to read. 

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  • I love my new notebook! I put a list of the medications I take and important health dates. The notebook is always with me so it will be there when I need it, especially if I need to go to the walk-in clinic or hospital. Well constructed, beautiful and incredibly useful.


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