Founder, Maker - Ainsley

I am a product designer and love to work with my hands, which is a good thing because I am the one responsible for all of Route 105’s creations. I’m a country girl at heart, enjoy riding horses, skiing, and hiking with my dog, Alta (AKA Workshop Boss).

Chief Support Officer - Shawn (AKA Husband)

Even though he still has yet to make a sale, we keep him as part of the team. A proud product tester, Shawn is always quick with a joke and a hug, or advice on shop operations. He never bats an eye when I spend money on new tools. ;)

Workshop Boss - Alta

If your order was late to arrive, it’s Alta’s fault. He’s an Australian Shepherd and as bossy as he is handsome. When I’m working he frequently encourages (demands?) breaks in the form of hikes, games of fetch, and snacks. He loves a good yakchew, and he’s wonderful company while working away in the shop.