About Route 105 Leather Goods Co.

traveler's notebook with coffee


It all started with the humble leather notebook... 

The fascination with the traveler's notebook system was born out of a desire to organize the mind, slow down, and keep it all together, while taking a reprieve from the confines of my phone/computer/tablet. I loved the ability to refill the notebook, and the creative license to make it whatever I needed it to be. There's just something so therapeutic about writing... about drawing... about planning - on paper. Let's not forget that a lot of great ideas start with a doodle on a napkin, or a scribble in a notebook.

The leather craft obsession quickly grabbed a hold of me. Before I knew it I was tinkering with learning new skills in my Chelsea QC workshop, and customers were inquiring about new products. Since then I've expanded to include wallets, key fobs (and soon!) tote bags.

In addition to my new creations, I also discovered new material - vegetable tanned leather. Veg tan leather is tanned using an ancient tanning process only used by a few tanneries in the world. It uses tree bark and plants to tan the leather, omitting much of the harmful chemicals that most of our leather products are made from. The leather is sourced in the US by tanneries that have a higher commitment to human and environmental welfare, and all the leather is a by-product of the meat industry. So while there are some remaining stock of the old chrome tanned notebooks, going forward, all Route 105 products will be made with vegetable tanned leather. 

I invite you to embrace the healthy vibes of keeping it together by physically writing things down, and simplifying the things you carry around every day. I may be a touch biased, but I can't help but think that these charming, rugged notebooks and wallets would be a perfect addition to your life, and witness to your adventures.